A house fire is a devastating event for homeowners. You can lose your belongings, your home entirely, and even the lives of your loved ones in a house fire. There are basic steps you can take to help prevent fires in the home and minimize damage if one does occur. Review these fire safety tips and make sure you are practicing them at home.

Equip Your Home with Smoke Detectors

If you have smoke detectors in your home like most people, you may think you’re covered should a fire break out in your home. However, it is not enough to just have smoke detectors, they should also be installed correctly in the right places.

There should be a smoke detector in every bedroom, in hallways, near the kitchen, and in the basement, attic, and laundry room. Install the devices on or near the ceiling because smoke rises. Also, test your smoke detectors once a month to make sure they are operational.

Fire Safety Tips and Electrical Cords

Worn and frayed electrical cords are a fire hazard. If the plastic insulation of a cord is worn down, it could start a fire when plugged in. Inspect the cords on your lamps, electronics, and appliances to confirm they are in good condition. Get rid of any extension cords you have that are worn down. This is one of the simplest fire safety tips to help prevent a fire.

Keep Fire Extinguishers in the Right Places

If a small fire breaks out, you may be able to put it out quickly with a fire extinguisher. Place fire extinguishers in critical areas of your home. The kitchen is the most important place to keep a fire extinguisher because many house fires are cooking-related.

The garage and laundry room are also good spots to store a fire extinguisher. If you can’t put a fire out using the extinguisher within 10 seconds, get out of the house and call the fire department.

Fire Safety Tips for Cooking

Practicing caution when cooking can help to prevent a house fire. Fires can ignite when items like dishcloths, paper towels, and cooking mitts touch the eye of a hot burner, so keep all items away from the stove. Cooking fires are more likely to happen when no one is paying attention, so always keep a close eye and don’t leave the stove unattended.

Get Window Ladders for the Upper Levels

If you do experience a house fire, escape ladders for the upper levels of the home can make a life-or-death difference. Invest in ladders that attach to the windows and unroll. Have one for every upstairs room. Then, teach everyone in the family how to use them and do a practice run.

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