If you’re hoping to increase the value of your home, upgrading the kitchen should be the first renovation project to tackle. Here are 10 kitchen remodel ideas to improve the most often used room in your home.

Install New Countertops

Select a new countertop material to add style and value to the kitchen. Some of the most popular choices include granite, concrete, marble, and wood. A countertop is a main focal point in the kitchen, so choose a material that is both attractive and functional.

New Flooring is a Common Kitchen Remodel Idea

New flooring will improve your kitchen’s appearance. Create a decorative design with colored tiles. A concrete floor is great if you’re concerned about the ease of clean-up. Vinyl is a durable and water-resistant choice when you’re on a tight budget.

Add a New Backsplash

One of the easiest kitchen remodel ideas for adding value is a decorative backsplash. There are many styles to choose from and a backsplash can be made of almost any type of material.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas: Install an Island

Expand your cooking area with a kitchen island. An island serves many purposes in a kitchen.

  • Gain extra storage.
  • An island provides a new prep area.
  • Include bar stools for expanded seating space.

Kitchen islands can house dishwashers, microwaves, and sinks. They also provide drawers and shelves to store dishes, appliances, utensils, pots, and pans.

Add a Pantry to Your Kitchen Remodel

More pantry space is often requested during a kitchen upgrade. Use a pantry to store brooms, mops, pasta, spices, coffee, and other dry goods. Include drawers and plenty of shelving in the pantry.

Install Open Shelving

Add more space without removing walls by incorporating open shelves. This feature allows you to show off decorative dishes while making the kitchen appear larger than it is.

Upgrade Appliances

Install modern appliances that improve the overall look of your space and save on energy. Choose Energy Star-certified appliances to lower your monthly power bill.

Build a Breakfast Bar

A breakfast bar is a great alternative when an open floor plan isn’t a possibility. Get rid of a bulky kitchen table and open up the space with stools or chairs at a breakfast bar.

Add a Versatile Corner Nook

Make use of an unused kitchen corner by turning it into a dining nook with a small table and a built-in bench. Make the space cozy by adding cushions and throw pillows.

Replace Hardware as Part of Your Kitchen Remodel

Replace outdated hardware with modern or decorative drawer knobs, cabinet handles, and new light switch plates. Nickel, brass, wood, or copper are beautiful choices that will make your kitchen feel like new.

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