Benefits of a New Construction Inspection

Hiring an independent home inspector to review new construction is an integral part of the building process, but many buyers skip this step. Your builder might say that a third-party inspection is an unnecessary cost, however, it can save you money and headaches down the road. A new construction inspection gives you valuable information about one of the most significant purchases you will make.

Code Inspections

Inspections on newly constructed properties often reveal problems that go beyond building codes. A code inspector only inspects for the minimum standards instead of checking for more in-depth aesthetic and safety issues.

New Construction Phase Inspections

Complete new construction inspections in phases to find and resolve issues throughout the build process. For example, if a problem with plumbing is only discovered once the drywall is installed it is more invasive and expensive to fix. Instead, order an inspection before the drywall goes up so the inspector can take a look at components before they are hidden.

Another significant advantage to phased new construction inspections is that the inspector will document the building process. The inspector takes photos and notes after critical installation events, like the foundation pour, wiring, plumbing, HVAC system, and drywall installation.

Scheduling a New Construction Inspection

Independent home inspectors are thorough in their job and take the necessary time to inspect each property. Since many homebuilders only give a one-year builder’s warranty, the home inspector may find issues that would have been missed until years later.

The inspector will answer any questions you might have and provide a report detailing the condition of your property along with notes documenting any concerns.

If you are building a new home or buying an already completed new construction project, hire an independent inspector to complete a new construction inspection. The advantages far outweigh the costs, and it will be an additional reassurance that the biggest purchase you make meets your expectations.

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