When preparing to sell your house, you’ll tidy up, tackle some home improvements, boost the curb appeal, find a real estate agent, hire a professional photographer, and determine the asking price. You may not be thinking about a home inspection. When a home is under contract, it is standard for the buyer to have the home inspected. However, the seller can benefit from ordering a pre-listing inspection first.

Learn About the Condition of Your Home

Don’t go into such a big transaction without being informed. As a seller, you are at a disadvantage when a buyer’s inspection uncovers defects with your property. A pre-listing home inspection provides a list of problems and safety concerns with your home. With this knowledge, you can prepare for the sale and move through the process without unpleasant surprises.

Handle Repairs Ahead of Time With a Pre-Listing Inspection

With the information in the inspection report, you can make informed decisions about what problems to repair before listing the home. Talk to your real estate agent about the issues that are most important to address. By taking care of problems ahead of time, you aren’t rushed to find a contractor and can shop around for the best prices. You might even be able to handle some of the easy fixes yourself. A pre-listing inspection report will save you time and money when you’re selling your home.

Making repairs on your own timeline takes away the pressure of finishing improvements before closing. You also won’t have to deal with buyers who demand the most expensive contractors and materials.

A Pre-Listing Inspection Will Help You Price Your Home

Understanding the condition of the home is useful in pricing the property. Knowing about any defects, problems, needed repairs, and safety concerns helps your real estate agent determine a fair and accurate price for the house.

If you have decided to forego major repairs, reduce your asking price so the buyer can make improvements.

Benefits of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection: Sell Faster

You and your realtor will find negotiations easier to navigate after having a pre-listing home inspection because there’s no mystery about the home’s condition. If you share the inspection report with the buyer, he or she may choose not to order their own inspection. Offer proof, including receipts and repair contracts, of any work done. The buyer is more likely to see you as a trustworthy seller and the sale will progress quickly.

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